Carrigaline Passive House

Carrigaline Passive House - Wain Morehead Architects (1)
Wain Morehead Architects

This dwelling is located with a southerly aspect on the shoreline of the upper Owenabue Estuary, a special protection area within Cork Harbour. Our brief was to design a 4 bedroom family home, to be as ecologically friendly as possible whilst within the client’s budget. Outside spaces were required to “nearly merge into the interior”.

Carrigaline Passive House - Wain Morehead Architects (2)The end result is very much influenced by WMA’s experience in producing quite a number of distinctive but discreet modern family homes with an emphasis on quality through detailing and ecologically sound solutions, complimented by the interior finishes to the client’s insightful selection.

Carrigaline Passive House - Wain Morehead Architects (3)The steep southerly sloping site generated both challenges and opportunities and an early decision to invert the conventional domestic layout with living accommodation on the upper level held true. The dwelling is located on the lower regions of the site acknowledging the position of an adjacent dwelling which was to be redeveloped and taking advantage of the topography and views afforded close to the foreshore.

Carrigaline Passive House - Wain Morehead Architects (4)The configuration of the dwelling also encouraged the use of the residual garden areas on the Northern side which remain bathed in sunlight despite the intervention. As the site is relatively exposed, generous overhangs are used to trap the prevailing winds, protecting the envelope whilst reducing solar gain during the summer period. All services are tucked in below ground.