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Week 1:  3rd January to 6th January 2012

A Short Video of the start up of a Passive House in Douglas, Cork. Cutting the site. Completing services. Site Preparations for Passive House Foundation – Supergrund. Structural Timber Frame by EcoHomes.

Week 2 Commencing 9thJanuary 2012, Ending 13th January 2012

This week is a crucial week for hashing out the last remaining technical queries. Having confirmed and finalised the Client’s specifications and adjusted these to suit the shop drawings we should be ready to commence fabrication. However, I am still trying to source a quality front door on budget. The front door will affect our threshold/insulation detail.

Watch final Site Grading Here.

Week 3 Commencing 16th January 2012, Ending 20th January 2012

We have sourced a quality passive house front door of reasonable budget and a nice style.  We have also sourced thermally broken (or partially broken, depending on the results from the thermal modelling) threshold for the proposed french doors.

We also are adding to our PHPP design the weather data for the exact location of the site.

Week 4 Commencing 23rd January 2012, Ending 27th January 2012 – Finalising Services

This week is the week that all trades realise that we are not building the old way. After a long day of discussing pipe runs, services conflicts, membrane connection details and applying the Passive Standards we finally came to a solution for every service penetrating the membrane:

waste pipe * 8 water pipe *4 gas line *2
electrical duct *4 earthing solar water pipes
air in let * 3 air exhausts * 3 ducts runs
air supply locations cat v Digital TV
Condensate drains and overflows *4

Co-ordinating services in this manner is similar to commercial projects and is unusual for a normal domestic home. There are no extraordinary appliances being installed here, its simply good practice to organise and co-ordinate the build in this way. But mostly as we are using a modular insulated foundation system we need to install everything now in the final location. Any changes or forgotten services will undermine the integrity of the thermal envelope.

Proposed HRV route
Proposed HRV route


Under foundation servicesUnder foundation services


Week 5 Commencing 30th January 2012, Ending 3rd February 2012 – Supergrund Prep Week

Watch here

Week 6 Commencing 6th February 2012, Ending 10th February 2012 – Supergrund Installation Week

Watch here

Week 7 Commencing 13th February 2012, Ending 17th February 2012 – Concrete Pour to Supergrund

Watch here

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