Ulster University research says building passive doesn’t cost more

One of the most common misconceptions against Passive House relates to the alleged additional construction costs. To debunk this false myth, Shane Colclough (University of Ulster) investigated the expenses encountered to build an A1-rated Passive House compared with a dwelling built according to minimum compliance under building regulations. Once the results were completed, the answer to the question “How much more will it cost?” was as simple as €131 more. The research was based on the case study of Madeira Oaks, a 12-unit scheme in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, developed by Michael Bennet Group and now partially acquired by Wexford County Council. The study confirms what Passive House advocates have been claiming for some time, but also unveils the potential of the application of the Standard as a viable and sustainable solution to the housing crisis in the country.

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