Dublin City Council’s Draft City Development Plan

Dublin City Council’s draft city development plan is coming to the end of its public consultation. The deadline for submissions is strictly Friday 11 December at 4:30pm. The draft plan includes a “passive house or equivalent” requirement for all new buildings, and we would encourage PHAI members to make even brief supportive submissions – even if it’s just a one-liner commending the council for their passive house proposal.

Click here to view the draft plan

You can easily make a submission online by clicking here

The specific wording on passive house is as follows:

CCO11: All new buildings will be required to meet the passive house standard or equivalent. In this case ‘equivalent’ means where there is robust evidence to support a buildings efficacy (with particular regard to indoor air quality, energy performance, and prevention of surface/interstitial condensation).

The only exceptions shall be buildings specifically exempted from BER ratings by the SEAI.

That’s on page 20 of the draft plan.