Call for Papers – 26th Annual IPHC

Call for Pa­pers is open now!


  • Ef­fi­ciency NOW! These pro­jects make a dif­fer­en­ce
  • Eco­lo­gic­al, sus­tain­able and sav­ing en­ergy: Pass­ive Houses
  • Elec­tri­fy­ing Pass­ive House
  • Com­bin­ing Pass­ive House and Re­new­ables: NZEB, ZEB and net­Zero build­ings
  • Fast and re­li­able ret­ro­fits to­wards En­erPHit Stand­ard
  • Ad­vant­ages of the Pass­ive House stand­ard for city quar­ters
  • Highly ef­fi­cient and com­fort­able in the sum­mer heat
  • Non-res­id­en­tial Pass­ive House build­ings
  • Highly ef­fi­cient health­care fa­cil­it­ies: hos­pit­als, doc­tor’s of­fices and nurs­ing homes
  • Re­li­able and cost-ef­fi­cient build­ing auto­ma­tion
  • Im­pact­ful tech­no­logy: Vent­il­a­tion units with heat re­cov­ery
  • Pass­ive House com­pon­ents: cur­rent de­vel­op­ments
  • Do-it-your­self en­ergy ef­fi­ciency
  • Pass­ive House policies and sub­sidies
  • Pass­ive House eco­nom­ics in an out-of-con­trol con­struc­tion mar­ket
  • Pass­ive House com­mu­nic­a­tion and edu­ca­tion
  • KISS: simple and af­ford­able con­struc­tion meth­ods
  • New Pass­ive House tools and mon­it­or­ing res­ults