The Role of Windows in Delivering – Cost Effective NZEB

Presented by Tomas O Leary, Mosart, this recorded RIAI CPD webinar provides industry insight, into the role of windows in delivering cost-effective NZEB & Passive House.

What are the learning objectives?
At the end of this CPD you will be able to:

  1. Define the term ‘NZEB’, including performance standards and Key Compliance Dates
  2. Explain the concept of window energy balance
  3. List and define key energy-related window performance criteria
  4. Describe key window energy performance rating schemes, including Passive House
  5. Outline the role of windows in providing indoor comfort
  6. Highlight key considerations in window fitting details
  7. Explain how solar gains and visible light transmittance are influenced by coatings on the glass
  8. Outline how windows and doors can be optimized based on residential and commercial case studies

Who should attend? 
Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, Property Consultants, Installers, anybody with an interest in NZEB & Passive Window performance

How much does it cost? 
This is a free webinar & attendance at this presentation entitles the recipient to 1 CPD Point (structured).

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