AECB Training – Building Energy Modelling Using PHPP

Building with PHPP Passive House Planning Package

The Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB) is pleased to offer a CPD certificate in Building Energy Modelling using PHPP in collaboration with Technological University Dublin. Starting the 3rd November 2023, the course is a module from TUDublin’s very successful MSc in Building Performance (Energy Efficiency in Design) programme.

The CPD Certificate in Building Energy Modelling using PHPP module is designed to enable experienced building design professionals to develop and apply an understanding of the international Passive House Planning Pack (PHPP) modelling and design tool when exploring the building performance of existing and new buildings, whether residential or non-residential, in temperate climatic zones such as Ireland or the UK. 

The module presents the robust and repeatedly validated calculation theories and building energy modelling protocols first created by Germany’s Passivhaus Institut in the late 1980s. Through its use of a suite of online tools, videoed lectures, webinars, social media platform and significant feedback, it facilitates the student’s development of skills in the application of the PHPP design tool and explores techniques for upgrading geometry, fabric and services installations to achieve the Passive House Classic Standard.

The 6-week advanced CPD cert offers 50 Passivhaus Institute (PHI) credits upon completion and costs £870 + VAT. You can learn more about the programme requirements, course features, learning and teaching methods, and apply for the course directly through the AECB website.

Additional CPDs will take place after Christmas. Those interested can learn more about the courses and submit expressions of interest here.