2014 Design Charette

Image from the 2014 Design Charette, courtesy UCD

As part of the See the Light 2014 conferencePHAI is preparing and involving students in a design charette, to be held on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 November 2014. This annual student design competition is a new initiative of PHAI. Winners will demonstrate their projects at the conference on 7 November. We invite teaching staff to lend their support during the charette and to recognise the efforts of students who participate. View flyer with full details.

We invite you to join us, to galvanise your staff, to organise students into groups of four, and to learn about low energy and passive house design in a fun and constructive manner, as well as to join us at the conference.

The design projects should demonstrate:

  • key design decisions, especially during the initial phases
  • a multidisciplinary effort
  • site considerations in terms of public and private space
  • the density of use and density of planning
  • a variety of housing units
  • key checking technologies (thermal bridge analysis, sun path, buildability of the scheme, etc.)

This video introduces the design charette: