The Erne Campus – The Future of Education

This is the fourth in a series of presentations hosted by the Passive House Association of Ireland showcasing some very interesting builds

About this Event

South West College (SWC) is delighted to present the development of our new college campus on the site of the old Erne Hospital located in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. The building has recently just been completed. This new 7,025m2 (TFA) further education college campus building is specified to the Passive House Premium standard. The existing campus building (8,898m2) which uses 152 kWh/m2/year and used 100,000L of heating oil in 2017 at a cost of ~£55,000.00 pounds. This new building represents a 97% reduction in energy, which will equate to ~£52,000 per year in heating savings. This new campus building from South West College represents an excellent demonstration of a proactive approach to energy efficient building design against the backdrop of the imperative for zero energy buildings.

Event was livestreamed Thu, 1st July 2021