Reach Guesthouse

by Jonathan Kearns

This webinar was livestreamed Thursday 4th Nov 2021 | Third event of the Autumn series.

Jonathan Kearns is a Director and Founding Principal of Kearns Mancini Architects Inc (KMAI). Born in Ireland, he graduated from the National University School of Architecture in 1974. As the firm’s creative leader, Jonathan has led the firm’s major institutional, community, and award-winning projects including the Fort York Visitor’s Centre, Senator O’Connor Estate and Coach House, and Ireland Park.

In addition to his strong leadership and motivational skills, Jonathan approaches each project with a holistic vision that embraces social, cultural, contextual, functional, economic, and political realities. This allows him to deliver results that are an enlightened architectural form with remarkable attention to detail. Jonathan is also a passionate advocate of the Passive House Standard, the world’s leading standard in energy efficient construction, as well as architecture that integrates seamlessly with its surroundings.