PHAI AGM Announcement 2019

Friday 1st February, 2019

Irish Green Building Council
19 Mountjoy Square
Dublin 1



1. Agreement of Agenda
2. Approval of previous minutes
3. Financial report
4. Approval of Financial accounts
5. Re-Appointment of Auditors
6. Membership Report
7. PowerPoint presentations;
i. Garrett Quinn – Activity Ulster Recent research, latest events – 15mins
ii. Barry McClarran- Activity in Enniskillen Sligo area – 15mins
iii. John Morehead – Activity in Co Cork – latest events – 20mins
iv. Shane Colclough – Activity in Dublin – Research topic – 20mins
8. Correspondence
9. PHAI Strategic Objectives 2019
i. Everyone will be asked to provide an idea of ‘what to do’
ii. Where do we want to be by end of 2019?
10. Date of next meeting
11. AOB