Laraweehan Passivhaus

Minimising Operational & Embodied Energy with Natural Insulation Materials

This webinar was livestreamed 23rd Sept 2021 | First event of the Autumn series.

About this Event

After nearly 20 years training, delivering training, providing guidance to many low energy projects in Ireland and the UK, and writing technical articles, it was finally Niall’s turn to build his family home. Being in the fortunate position of having inherited a picturesque site in the north east of Ireland, the time was right for Niall and his family to finally build their own Passivhaus insulated with natural insulation materials. Building to the Passivhaus standard and using natural insulation was always an obvious choice for Niall, having trained so many in this field and having experienced its benefits through countless site visits, training and both national and international conferences. Niall will share his experiences, challenges and lessons learnt over the course of his project.

Niall is Group Technical Manager with Ecological Building Systems. He holds a degree as a Bachelor of Technology and a Masters Eng. Sc. He is also a Certified Passivhaus Consultant and board member of Irish Green Building Council. Niall has provided guidance on several national standard committees and provides input to several working groups with the IGBC and the UK Centre for Moisture in Buildings.

His expertise is in the area of building physics, energy conservation, hygrothermal analysis, airtightness, natural insulation, and vapour diffusion open constructions.

Niall has provided guidance to many award-winning new build and retrofit projects in Ireland and the UK. He has also co-authored and authored chapters for a number of low energy building publications including The Passivhaus Handbook and The Passivhaus Designers Manual. His own Passivhaus features in the latest issue of the publication “Understanding Passivhaus” by Emma Walshaw.