International Passive House Open Days 2024

Passive House Open Days 2024 map of locations

Experience Passive House for yourself at the International Passive House Open Days 2024! Taking place on the 28th to 30th June 2024, this is an international event meant to inspire change.

The International Passive House Open Days offer an invaluable chance to discover the world of Passive House and energy-efficient construction. Engage directly with owners to gain insights into the realities of living in a Passive House, including their experiences during construction or renovation. Additionally, select locations will feature experts equipped to demystify Passive House projects with in-depth technical explanations.

Beyond discussions and learning, attendees have the unique opportunity to personally experience Passive House buildings, spanning both homes and commercial spaces. Revel in the consistent indoor comfort, explore the ventilation systems, pose questions, and explore how Passive House principles can be applied to your own construction or renovation projects.

You can find participating projects by visiting the International Passive House Association website.